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Night Owls (2015)
"Kevin goes home with Madeline for a drunken one-night stand and is horrified to learn she is his boss's ex-mistress. After he catches her taking a box of sleeping pills, they slowly start to fall in love as he keeps her awake all night."
This was a really nice and sweet film about two people reevaluating their lives, and was brilliantly acted. 4/5

Faults (2014)
"A renowned authority on mind control encounters a formidable challenge when he is hired to deprogram a strong-willed cultist."
I really enjoyed this film a lot, quite dark and with a great twist at the end... and I love anything to do with cults. 4.5/5

600 Miles (2015)
"Arnulfo, a weapons smuggler for a Mexican cartel, kidnaps an ATF agent and the two slowly become friends."
This was a real slow burn film, with a naturalistic style that was ok but a little too slow at times. 3/5

Bait (2015)
"Bex and Dawn are trapped. They dream of taking control of their lives and owning their own upmarket cafe, but no one will give people them the opportunity."
This was the most ridiculous film ever, a thriller that turns into a gore fest I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Seriously don't bother! 1/5

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