The Melt Crowd October...

This month I decided to try a new subscription box, and as a big fan of candles and wax melts thought I would give The Melt Crowd a go. This is a monthly box from Flamingo candles that includes 8 wax melts with exclusive scents featuring a specific theme. In your first box you also get a burner, and the price is just £10 a month all in. 

I must admit when I found out the theme was sugar v spice I was a little disappointed as I am really not a fan of spicy scents... luckily there were only a couple I wasn't a fan of.

This months scents were...
 Pink Ribbon, Cherry Sundae, Candy Floss & Pear Drops Duo (this smells amazing), Oriental Lotus and Rose Otto (not pictured as I've already used it), Salted Caramel Apple, Sweet Tabacco, Buttered Rum, Pumpkin & Walnut.

So far I have only tried one melt, they melt very quickly (they are made of soy wax) and the scent is very strong and the melt can be used quite a few times and I've found the scent to linger nicely in the room for ages.

Overall I thought this box was great value for money... I'm not sure whether to stay subscribed for next month or try a different wax melt sub box.

(Link to The Melt Crowd)

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