Pink Parcel December 2016...

 Pink Parcel is a 'luxury period subscription box' that sends you a monthly supply of tampons and/or pads and a selection of treats including tea, something sweet and other goodies.

I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the box but you can check back at any of my previous Pink Parcel posts to see the rest of the contents.

December's edition of Pink Parcel also came with the latest issue of Look magazine that I forgot to picture! So lets see what I got.... 

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Blemish Wand... Not something I would ever buy as I don't tend to really get spots and also it looks a little scary!
BRYT Pink parcel Socks... I love socks and I think it's a great idea to include something cosy in the December box. I love it when they include something a little different.
Simple Candles Co scent melt in Fireside... I'm always happy to receive anything candle related :)
Jewellery Box Sterling Silver Bow Earrings... I'm not much of a fan of dainty jewellery but I like that they are silver and they are small enough that I can wear them to work.
Squirrel Sisters Cacao Orange Raw Snack Bar... Another month another raw cacao item. Boooo!
Amie New Leap Deep Pore Exfoliator... Always happy to recieve skincare and will definitely give this a try.
Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask... Face masks are always a win with me.
Fudge Kitchen Gingerbread Fudge Dipper... I'm not a fan of ginger so I'll give this to someone who is.
Lola's Apothecary Clementine Calamity... I don't drink tea so I've already passed this onto someone who'll appreciate it!

Overall this box was a bit hit and miss for me. I loved about half the stuff and the other half I won't have much use for. My favourites this month have to be the socks and two skincare items. 

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