What I got for Christmas...

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate. I had a lovely time and spent the day eating, laughing and playing games with family. Every year I do a post showing the presents I got so here's what I got this year...
I got some new boots by the brand Blowfish, some Lush bath bombs, a Marvel mug, some dvd's including Ghostbusters, an Ursula Tsum Tsum, some pyjamas and fluffy socks,Giant Days volume 2 (can't wait to read this!), Carrie Brownsteins memoir and a box of Lindor.
As you can probably tell I love coffee! I got some Tassimo pods, and a Bodum french press coffee maker with some Costa and Starbucks coffee to use in it. I also got some fancy popcorn and Lindt chocolate :)
My sister got me a bag of M&M cookies from an American seller at the Good Food Show and they look so good!
I got this beautiful Bad Wolf bracelet (which is from Etsy) and I love it
I also got the Harley Quinn Rock Candy figure to add to my collection and some goodies from one of my favourite Etsy shops Oh Gosh Cindy
Books! Quite a few of these I got with Christmas money- I am very excited about the Ghosts From Our Pasts book- it's the book Erin and Abbey had written in the new Ghostbusters film and I didn't know there was a real version of it! :)
Two beautiful graphic novels I am very excited to read and a My Little Pony colouring book!
And finally I got a Himalayan salt lamp. It gives a really beautiful gentle amber light and it is supposed to help purify the air. 

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