Boxing Day sales haul....

I like to use the Boxing Day sales as an opportunity to stock up on toiletries that will last me most of the year as it's the best time to get some good bargains. From Boots I spent £30 on their online sale (nothing is getting me out of my pj's on Boxing Day!) and got this lovely lot.
 I got two Soap & Glory gift sets, one for myself and one for an upcoming Birthday. The one I got for myself has the Smoothie Star scent as I much prefer this. 
I also got two Boots Extracts sets as I'm a fan of their products. I got a lovely tin which contained four full sized products in the marshmallow and peppermint scent and a gift set containing twelve products in vanilla, mango, coconut and marshmallow and peppermint. I will use a lot of this as well as passing a few things on.
The Body Shop had a 40% code on top of the sale so I got all of this for under £20! I got a shea gift set and some products from the satsuma range as that's my favourite Body Shop scent.
Here's whats inside the shea gift box
I was surprisingly restrained in the Lush sale but had decided after the stress of putting an order through the previous few years it wasn't worth it and didn't bother. My sister was determined to get some stuff though and after waiting in the online queue for around 5 hours (!) got on the site and I got a few things with her order. I picked up a small Snow Fairy and some bath bombs/ bubble bars.
Finally I got an Erin pop from Amazon for around a fiver (I think this may be my cheapest pop!) and I got the Mystique Rock Candy. This wasn't a sales buy but as soon as I saw this was one of the exclusive items in the MCC subscription box I went to search Ebay and was able to get this for under £15! I also made a small order with Forbidden Planet in their sale which I'll show in another post.

So that was my sales buys. I'm pretty pleased with the bargains I got as I didn't go mad and get a load of unnecessary stuff (like usual!) 

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