Geeky haul...

I haven't posted a geeky haul for a while so though it was about time, and also I got some amazing bargains I wanted to show off! The other day I went to B'n'M's a bargain shop that I haven't been in in forever. I was very excited to find they had a ton of DC Comics stuff. I got the above two figures for £7.99 each!! They are The New Batman Adventures figures and I chose Poison Ivy (obviousy) and Batman. The only complaint I have is that they didn't have Catwoman,,,, boo! 

 They also had some large kawaii cubes but only in a few characters so I picked up the Wonder Woman for £4.99. I'm starting to build up a little collection of these cuties but again I need Catwoman damn it!

Here's Ivy out of the box. She's very cute and comes with her own stand, some detachable hands and some potions. I love this style of Ivy, she looks badass.

These I got ages ago (last November time) in TK Maxx of all places. They were £3.99 each and I got Catwoman yay!  The bendable figures are good because you can pose them and hang them off shelves and stuff.

Finally I got an Ugly Sweater from Teefury in their sale. There were quite a few designs I had my eye on but I went for the Sailor Moon one in the end. This was around £13 so another good bargain :)

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