8 More ways of practising self care...

1. Have a cuddle session with your pet (or someone elses!) In lieu of a pet have a look at these cute pictures of kittens with flower crowns.
2. Make yourself an ice cream sundae. Ben & Jerry's, sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles... THE WORKS.
3. Play your favourite music really loud and dance and sing along.
4. Be creative. Make something. Draw or write.
5. Spend time doing your make up all fancy and take some pictures that make you feel confident.
6. Rewatch your favourite film.
7. Change your bed and put on fresh pyjamas. Light a scented candle so your bedroom smells nice.
8. Call or hang out with someone that you feel totally comfortable around. Have a rant and moan about things that have been stressing you out and then laugh at the stupid stuff. Talking always helps.

(Here's 16 more!)

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