Caffe Chino in Birmingham...

 During our trip to Birmingham (which you can read about here) my sister and I went to Caffe Chino for the first time. It is located in Chinatown and is a beautiful Chinese patisserie. (The pictures aren't the best as it was already getting dark when we went there :( )
Inside the cafe is pink and mint green and fancy and comfortable, The atmosphere is really friendly and welcoming- the staff were lovely. There is so much choice here- there is a selection of beautiful looking desserts and cakes as well as a selection of sweet and savoury buns and baked goods. In terms of drinks they have everything from iced coffee, frappes, hot chocolate, bubble teas, flavoured teas and more!

We decided to choose two desserts and share them and went for the chocolate layered mousse and coffee cake. Both were lovely and light with lots of flavour and the presentation was stunning. Next time I've already decided I am getting the strawberry cake as I bought a slice home for my Mum and it was DELICIOUS! (and the sponge was pink.)
As a coffee fiend I got an iced vanilla coffee which I loved. They are fully sealed so you can buy drinks to take home. My sister went for the peach and honey bubble tea which was pretty good (said by someone who hates tea) and she liked it so much she got a chocolate creamy bubble tea to take home. If you are in the city centre I definitely recommend paying Caffe Chino a visit. We will be going back soon!

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