Geeky haul...

Whist in Birmingham city centre (see post here) we of course stopped in Forbidden Planet and Nostalgia & Comics. In FP I got a few bargains from their sale section including a Wonder Woman trade (I'm slowly building up my WW collection) and two Batman books including a Brian K. Vaughn trade which I've had on my radar for a while.

I couldn't resist getting a couple of the DC Superheroes pets Funko mini boxes as I am desperate to get the Catwoman! I ended up with a cute Supergirl and the not so good Wonder Womans Horse which I will try and trade
I also got a book from my wishlist- We Can Never Go Home Volume One which came with a signed card from the writer Mathew Rosenberg. As soon as I saw THAT cover I couldn't not get it as I am a big fan of The Clash.
I always get excited when I see iZombie merch :)

We also went into B&M's. I recommend checking them out as they often have a lot of DC/Marvel/Star Wars stuff. I was able to complete my collection of Kawaii Cubes and I found a little Scarlet Witch figure too. 

Finally in Nostalgia & Comics I picked up the Gwenpool Funko. I have been so excited for this, I mention Gwenpool a lot on this blog- I love her and her comic is one of my current favourites.

So that's my little geeky haul :)

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