ZBOX February 2017: Super Heroines...

When Z Box announced the theme of their February subscription box was 'super heroines' it was an instant buy for me. The description promised three exclusive items and that one of them would be a DC Bombshells figure worth £25. The box itself cost me £17.99 so I couldn't wait to see what arrived... 

It turns out I should know by now not to trust Zavvi because they had exaggerated hugely! The DC Bombshells figure turned out to be one of the Lil Bombshells figures that they themselves sell for £9.99. Everyone got a variant of Wonder Woman (the variant being her hair scarf is blue instead of yellow...!) She is cute but definitely not worth £25. 

My favourite item of the box of course involved Catwoman. This is a felt banner featuring the Bombshells style Catwoman. It is huge and really nice quality. I've seen Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy versions of this sold on geeky sites for £12.99.

The T shirt for this box is Wonder Woman inspired and I'm not sure about it, the viewpoint is kind of weird... *shrugs* also in the box was a Captain Marvel issue 1 comic with a nice variant cover and the Z Box booklet (which laughably has a price of £4.99 on- it's a leaflet basically saying whats in the box ffs!) 

Overall despite the lies about the figure the box was still pretty decent and I make a value of around £36 ish which is still good. My favourite item is the banner. Although I love Marvel I lean slightly more towards DC so this box was good for me in that respect but they could have had more of a varied selection. I'm still not a fan of Zavvi though and am currently sorting out an issue with them as they have charged me for a March box so whether it was worth the hassle I don't know.

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