10 good things from this week...

In an effort to be more positive, appreciate the little things and celebrate small victories I've decided to do a semi regular (as in when I remember...) series talking about the positive things from my week.

This week mainly involved working early shifts, and also being ill again so it wasn't the best but here are 10 good things...

1. Hanging out with my niece who's on her Easter break
2. Receiving my amazing book prize from a Twitter giveaway. I usually never win stuff so I'm super chuffed.
3.  Googling 'cat burrito' and feeling instantly more cheerful.
4. Getting my exam results back from Uni: 85% which I'm really happy with.
5. The twitter account No Context Louis, for all my fellow Louis Theroux fans out there :)
6. Rahul Kohli on all social media. A.K.A Ravvi from iZombie. This man is just a joy!
7. Cadbury Oreo chocolate eggs. I wish I had more.
8. Charity shop shopping with my 6yo sister. I got books, she got a furby.
9. I bought an amazing Batman dress from EMP.
10. Having a lazy Sunday reading and relaxing.


Watching Cazz from Nerdburgers thrift haul on Youtube and wanting to go in search of 90s toys.

After the announcement of a general election this list is pretty handy if you want to know where your vote would be most useful in getting the tories out.

Some of my favourite recent blog posts:

1. The Ghost of Me- My Experience of Psychotic Depression
2. Toy hunting in Manchester
3. Thank You, anxiety
4. An outfit inspired by The Manic Street Preachers
5. Loneliness 

So that's my week :)

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