Huge book haul!

Over the past month I have accumulated quite a pile of books so thought I would do a book haul post as who doesn't like looking at lovely new books?! 

Keeping with my 2017 book resolution of reading more varied genres I've got quite a mix :D

These Dividing Walls was kindly sent to me by Hodder and is the story of a mix of people who live in a building in Paris (this is out May 4th and I will hopefully post a review around that time!)

The Girl Who Was Saturday Night has an amazing cover- I love anything that features neon lights. This is a coming of age story about twins in Quebec who have been forced into the limelight as children and are now grown up. I've heard a lot of good things about this one!

The next three are impulse buys from the Amazon three for £10 section. I got The Women in Black as I've been wanting to read more classic horror (and that cover 😍) also The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea which is a Japanese modern classic (and again the cover sold it to me...) and finally Unbroken which is a true life story about a woman who is dealing with sexual assault throughout her teen years and how she overcame it. 

I don't tend to usually read true stories but wanted to try this as I am studying psychology with the hope of eventually working in mental health and thought this could be interesting.  

Whilst is Tesco (supposedly getting food, but mainly getting books, coffee and blind bags...) I got a copy of Moranifesto. I've read all of Moran's books and loved them. This one is a collection of her columns and extra stuff about all sorts of subjects including films, the UK class system, feminism, politics and popular culture.  

I also got a YA: Beautiful Broken Things, about a toxic female friendship. The cover totally sold it to me! Nina is not ok is an adult contemporary about a young woman who wakes up after a night of heavy drinking knowing that something bad happened, but is not quite sure what. This one is looks at slut shaming and social media so should be interesting. 

I finally decided to pick up Illuminae after being undecided. This has had so much hype and is a YA Sci-Fi about a planet that is being evacuated only for a virus to break out in the evacuations ship and a young girl realising there is more to it than it seems. What interests me with this book is that it is written in mixed media (which I love) and I also enjoy post apocalyptic stuff. 

The Lonely City is a non fiction look at loneliness and different creative people in New Yorks experience with it. Finally Milk & Honey is a book I've been wanting to get for a long time. You are probably familiar with it as Kaur's beautiful and honest poetry is often shared on Instagram. I have a feeling I will love this one, and I haven't read much poetry in a while.

So that's my new books! Have you read any of these? 

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