Free Comic Book Day 2017.

As usual me and my sister make a day of Free Comic Book Day and I post about it (FCBD16, FCBD15) and this year is no different. Above are the free comics I got from the two comic book shops we visited.  

 The past two years I had a bit of a shopping spree but this year FCBD fell the week before payday so I didn't go so crazy! I did however buy a stack of back issues and a Funko DC pets mystery mini. I got a cute Wonder Woman! Now I just need the Catwoman figure.
We stopped off at Cafe Chino which I have previously posted about (here) and had a vanilla iced coffee again and a delicious slice of strawberry cake, which was pink! 

This year was even more fun because my niece came with us, and she loves anything to do with comics- she's especially a big fan of Guardians of the Galazy, Harley Quinn and Black Widow. She was pretty overwhelmed in the comics book shops and wanted everything haha 

We stopped for some *cheap* lunch at McDonalds and opened up our blind boxes. Both me Scarlett got exactly the ones we wanted thanks to my sister picking them (Well done K!) 

 We also made a stop at the Chinese supermarkets in Chinatown to stock up on snacks. I am seriously addicted to the choco puffs.
Here's me and my niece reading the FCBD Wonder Woman comic in Cafe Chino 💜

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