My favourite fictional women...

This post was originally intended for International Women's Day but I didn't finish it in time, I thought I'd still post it though...
Enid Coleslaw (Ghost World)
Enid is a moody teenager not quite sure what she wants from life. She also has amazing style and a lot of snark. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes is my favourite graphic novel and the film adaption is also my favourite film. It's hard to believe her character was written by a man as Clowes captures the frustrations of being a teenage girl perfectly. Thora Birch also brought Enid to life perfectly and I can relate to Enid on so many levels. 

Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is the biggest baddass Queen ever. Fact. She is also my favourite comic book character. I love her because she has a dark side, and although she isn't always good she usually has good reason for what she does. She is hugely protective of the people of Gotham's East End and her stories often have a dark, noir edge to them. I also love the tense relationship she has with Bruce/ Batman and that she refuses to take any shit from him despite her feelings because lets face it he's a bit of a twat. In fact she doesn't take shit from anyone, and is always confident in herself and her abilities no matter what.
Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)
I wish I was half as snarky as Wednesday Addams. She has a smart answer for everything and doesn't give a fuck what people think of her as she know exactly what she's about. I always wanted to be Wednesday watching the Addams family films growing up- she's the coolest kid I know, not that she'd want to be.
Furiousa (Mad Max: Fury Road)
To put it simply Furiousa is a straight up fearless badass. It is a joy to see a woman character in an action film being strong and tough, having emotions, making decisions, firing the shots whilst using Max as a gun rest (as he knows he couldn't do better). I love Charlize Theron, and am so glad she brought Furiousa to life in such spectacular style. 

Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
What I love most about Buffy is that she is not your typical hero, and she is far from perfect. Throughout the show she grows up from teen to adult going through lots of ups and downs whilst also fighting evil. She is not always likeable and doesn't always make the right decisions but that's what makes her so relateable. 

Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
It's thanks to the character of Rose Tyler that I got into Doctor Who in the first place. I happened to turn on the TV and caught the episode Doomsday and with no prior knowledge of the reboot blubbed like a baby! I then went out and bought the box set and fell in love. I love Rose because she is down to earth, and real but also fearless. She is a perfect match to The Doctor who is able to start enjoying life again thanks to Rose's enthusiasm and humour and she's my favourite companion.

Alana (Saga)
Alana is a tough, no nonsense woman fighting for her family no matter what. She's smart, not afraid to speak her mind and Does. Not. Take. Any. Shit. She is a fiercely protective mother and always stands up for the vulnerable. She also has amazing hair. There are so many briliant characters in the comic book series Saga, but Alan stands out as not only someone you wouldn't want to mess with but also a loving Mum to not just her daughter but anyone that need looking after!
Dana Scully (The X Files)
Not only is Scully a brilliant FBI agent, she is also a highly skilled Doctor. Need an autopsy? Call Scully. Need a transplant? Call Scully. Need a murder case solving? Call Scully. Need someone to come and talk some common sense into Mulder? Call Scully. 
Possibly my favourite thing about Scully is her perfect no nonsense reactions and eye rolls to Mulders bullshit, This woman has no fucks to give.

Other characters I love... Lisa Simpson, Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development), Clarice Starling, Scout Finch (To Kill a Mocking Bird), the 2016 Ghostbusters, Storm, Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill), Alex Drake (Ashes to Ashes), Lisbeth Salander (The Millenium Trilogy), Black Canary, Jackie Brown, Jane Eyre, Annie Sawyer (Being Human), Wonder Woman, Ursula, Liv Moore (iZombie), Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time), Gwenpool, Lily Munster (The Munsters), Carrie Mathison (Homeland), Scarlett Witch, Norma Bates (Bates Motel), Cosima (Orphan Black), Jessica Jones, Martha Costello (Silk), Squirrel Girl, Stella Gibson (The Fall)... Ok, I'm stopping there!

Who are your favourite fictional women?
Next I'll be do a post on my favourite fictional men!

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