Why I'm voting Labour in the general election.

The general election is fast approaching, and this is an important one. This is our chance to show the government that we aren't happy and that we want (and need) change.

If you are over 18 you have a vote, and who you vote for is of course your choice, but I am going to explain to you why you should consider voting for the Labour party...

If you care for the young, and old, the poor, the disabled, those with mental illness. If you want to make sure the NHS doesn't get sold off, that vulnerable people don't loose their much needed support, that schools get proper funding, that public transport doesn't all get sold off, then consider voting Labour.

If you watch May being asked important questions and are fed up of watching her bumbling, sidestepping answers and trotting out the same old bullshit and weak insults at Corbyn then consider voting Labour.

If you are sick of the right wing media (owned by rich tories who want to protect their billions) trying to brainwash you into hate Jeremy Corbyn by feeding you lies and holding endless smear campaigns then actually listen to what this man has to say. Read the Labour manifesto. Can you honestly disagree with the changes they want to make.

We really need to work together to get the 'nasty party' tories out. Under them we have seen disabled people literally dying because of cuts to their support. Schools are having to ask parents to donate crayons. Our PM literally held the hand of Donald Trump. The emergency services have been cut back so much they can't cope. Not too long ago the army had to support the NHS because it was under so much strain. Yet the Conservatives want you to vote them in again, to continue doing more of the same. We need a government that looks after everyone no one that bleeds us to the bone. I believe the Labour party led by Corbyn Can do that. 

This is the rare chance to vote for a politician that values respect, listening to what people have to say, and honesty. He rises above stone throwing and sticks to what he is passionate about- positive change. He has proven in his years as an MP that he speaks for everyone and has fought for womens, LGBQT, and, the vulnerable and  minority rights. May hasn't. We live in one of the richest countries in the world yet over a million people had to use emergency food banks in the UK in the last year. If you think this is wrong then please vote for change by voting Labour on June the 8th and let's get the tories out! 

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