10 Good things...

The past few weeks I've been working my butt off and getting up stupidly early. I've been feeling exhausted and this hot weather is my idea of hell.

So that's the not so good stuff! Now here's 10 good things...

1. Fresh flowers and plants. I've bought some succulents and have been buying fresh bunches of St Williams to keep in my room. They are cheap and beautiful, and improve my mood a little.
2. My Dad fixed a broken fan that had been thrown out so I now have a huge fan which has enabled me to sleep at least a bit. Praise the people who invented fans (and my Dad!)
3. Tropical twist ice lollies. I've been bringing back boxes of ice lollies to consume after every shift at work!
4. Summer fruit. I am really not a fan of Summer, but one thing I do love is Summer fruit! Especially peaches, nectarines, grapes, melon, cherries and strawberries...YUM.
5. iZombie. The new series is being releases one episode a week on Netflix and I love it. If you haven't watched it yet and you are a Buffy fan check it out.
6. A new haircut. I decided to have half of the underside of my hair shaved and I'm so glad as I love it.
7. Book post! I've got a huge pile of books I've recently bought/been sent that I can't wait to get stuck into. 
8. Wonder Woman. I saw the film at the cinema and I LOVED it. I was worried I was going to be disappointed after the last few DC films but they really brought Diana to life and did the character justice. I hope there is a sequel.
9. My bed. I love my bed, if I could marry it I would. I've been doing tons of early shifts the past few weeks and coming home and having afternoon naps has been a real treat. Because of my meds I suffer with fatigue anyway so it's been good to take a nap when I need to without feeling guilty.
10. Audiobooks and music. This has been getting me through the early commutes and early nights. I'm currently listening to the audiobook for Accidents Happen by Louise Millar read by Clare Corbett (I love anything Clare reads!) and the songs I've been listening to tons include Fragments by Blondie, Choker by Honeyblood, ocean by Goldfrapp, Hey by Hey Charlie and Bad Thing by PINS. Maybe I'll do a Currently Listening post soon.

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