May Lately.

 Isn't he the most adorable, coolest lump of fur you've ever seen? Yes. Yes he is. He somehow managed to loose his collar the other week so I bought him a new one that has a built in bandanna and he really likes it. I think he knows how badass he looks!

 This was from the Bongo Comics FCBD17 issue and the 'male showboating' part amused me so I had to take a picture of it.

 The snacks that I bought it Chinatown. Most have these have been eaten now!

 Extra large cold coffee to get me through writing my end of year essay. It's all submitted now, woo! Now I'm off until Sept from uni.

These past few weeks have been anxiety heavy so I cracked open a colouring book from my collection. I went for the My Little Pony one and used my bumper set of Sharpies which for once has a good selection of purples.

Like my six year old sister and five year old niece I have an obsession with blind bags! Here are some recent purches... I'm really chuffed that I managed to feel Gamora as she was the one I wanted most from the Funko GOTG pint size heroes. Yay!

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