New Stationery.

 It's barely been a few weeks since I've finished Uni for the Summer and I've already started stocking up on stationery for September! To be honest I barely need an excuse because I love buying stationery.

In Tesco they had some good deals on so I bought some pink post it notes- always useful, some Bic highlighters and BIC Crystal Grip pens. I know there are a lot fancier pens out there but I've always had a soft spot for these so use them all the time. This pack of eight was just 50p!! Bargain! 

As a purple obsessive I picked up this simple exercise book in Rymans for 80p- these are perfect for writing messy notes and essay plans. I also got a purple highlighter (why do packs never contain purple?!) a fancy purple erasable pen and something that's been on my wishlist for a while- a pack of pastel highlighters!

Highlighters are an essential for me and seeing as I've used up most of the ones I had thought it was a god time to buy some more. I couldn't resist the pastel ones as I'm really particular about colours. How pretty are they?!

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