A very late June. Lately.

We are passed the half way point in July, making this post ridiculously late but I thought I'd post it anyway...
The beginning of June was all about the general election and as a big Corbyn supporter I purchased a copy of Kerrang! for the first time since I was a teenager. Although the end result of the election was a disappointment (DUP deals), Labour did much better than anyone can of expected and they are still going strong. 
June was St. Williams season and I had a bunch of these in my room throughout the month. They are beautiful and probably my favourite flower.
In June I did a lot of holiday cover at work which meant lot's of early mornings in the bakery. I took it as an opportunity to make myself a MEGA COOKIE. It was damn delicious!
These were some pretty flowers in the garden before a gang of caterpillars destroyed them.
The Power won the Baileys prize and I decided now was the time to grab a copy to read.
On payday I decided to order myself some clothes. This didn't make the cut as I realised that the O in soul was joined at the bottom WTF! 


Currently reading: Gender Games by Juno Dawson and Who Runs the World by Virginia Bergin

Currently watching: Catastrophe, and old Conan clips on YT
Currently listening to: new Goldfrapp, new Blondie
Currently wearing: My new purple Kanken backpack that I am in love with!

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