Random geeky haul.

Here's some random geeky stuff I've bought over the last few months!
I love Louis Theroux, so when I saw these cheesy tees on Ebay had to get them. They were fairly cheap, but I'm not going to link them as they aren't the best quality. When I took one for a spin my Mum thought I had a Harry Potter t-shirt on haha.

With the help of my Sister I managed to feel the two Teen Titan figures I needed: Starfire and Raven. They are pretty nice little figures. There's a series two out now and Asda has them for cheap if you are interested!
A couple of new Funko's. I don't buy Pops nearly as much as I used to but I had to add Barb from Stanger Things to my collection and also another Liv from iZombie. Here's hoping they release a Ravi and Blaine.

Finally I found this Catwoman figure in Smyths Toys during a big sale a few months back. I've been trying to get my hands on this for a while. Woo!

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