Tips on talking about mental health with your Doctor...

1. Before you go write a list of the main things you want to mention. You may think you know what you want to say but as soon as you get into the Doctors office and sit down your mind can go blank, or you might forget certain details. Having a list will make sure you cover everything you need to and ask any questions you have without the anxiety of trying to remember.

2. Take someone in with you if you are extra anxious. If it helps take a friend of family member with you. Even if it's just to sit with you in the waiting room it will help put you at ease. I used to get terrible anxiety in the Doctors waiting room so would choose appointments at times it was less likely to be busy.

3. Don't be afraid to suggest certain treatments or medication to your Doctor. If you want to see a therapist ask to be referred, if you are not happy with the medication you are taking or it isn't helping tell the Doctor- that's what they are there for. If you don't agree with something- then say... after all it is your health that is most important.

4, If you feel your GP is not helpful when it comes to mental health change to a different one. Ask the surgery which Doctor is best to see regarding mental health. One of the best things I did was to move Doctors surgeries to one that has a GP that specialises in MH. Since then my treatment has been so much better and as a result my MH has improved hugely.

I hope this helps! If you can think of any others let me know :)

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