July Lately.

 When you live with a cat!
 Live hard play hard right?! This was plans for one of those wild nights. But seriously perfect- The book ended up being a 5 star read, I love an iced coffee and those biscuits are a new favourite. The amount of boxes I have consumed the past couple of weeks is shocking! 
 A day out at the shops and a stop at Starbucks. Some cool pins on my bag too!
 I hate Summer buuut I love Summer fruit. I have been eating so much fruit lately- my favourites are red grapes, cherries, nectarines and peaches. 

Finally at the age of 30 I have mastered the art of bubblegum. Here is a commemorative photo. I really feel like I am at last getting somewhere in life.

Currently reading: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsay Lee Johnson
Currently watching: Glow on Netflix
Currently listening to: No Horses by Garbage, Doctor Who audiobooks
Currently wearing: Cat eye sunglasses

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