A trip to Exmoor Pt.1

 A few weeks back my family rented a cottage is Exmoor for the week for a family holiday. I've never been to Exmoor before (or indeed anywhere that has so much green!) It was a beautiful place and was lovely to spend time with my family.

This is a beach in Minehead which was about half an hour away from where we stayed. There were some arcades here and some beach shops as well. The beach was fairly quiet so it was good for walking on as the tide was quite far back so it was a nice long walk.

Some of the famous Exmoor ponies. We saw loads of them free roaming around as well as lots of other animals wandering around the national park. This beautiful mother and foal where around the corner from where we were staying and were not fazed by us at all.

Just a crab hanging out on the beach
More ponies
I love that fluffy haired cow!
This was a very friendly sheep who liked being petted and given attention. She was at a nearby cafe in a small village where they did really nice ice cream.
This was the cottage we stayed in. It was on a farm in the middle of nowhere. There was no phone signal (which is a bad sign if like me you read a lot of thrillers!) It was really nice and quiet (although strange for us townies...) 
This is the view from our cottage. Just across where the fence was are horses. We stayed during the meteor shower and came out to watch. It was the most perfect view, we could see the full nights sky and saw lots of shooting stars. Where I live even on a clear night you can't see any stars. It was the most fun night as were were stargazing, laughing at silly stuff and a bat nearly flew into me and gave me a near heart attack! 

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