A trip to Exmoor pt.2

 The nearest town to where we stayed was Minehead. They only had two arcades there but they were good ones. Playing this reminded me of Call of Duty zombies 80's (by far the best one) I am much better at this game in cod than in real life!
 The arcades had Tokidoki plushies goddammit! The amount of money I wasted trying to get a donutella. Fortunately you could get the toys with tickets and my sister was a master at a certain game and saved up the tickets so I could get one.
 I can relate to this frog...
 My Dad was obsessed with this 'pop the balloon' game and succeeded a couple of times. Of course he was just doing it to "get tickets for the kids". The arcades were actually really generous with tickets and the 2p sliding games were full of tokens that were worth 50 tickets each. I became a master at winning them and the kids ended up with tons of loot they picked with their tickets.
 We drove to Woolacombe for the day. This is a really nice beach for going in the sea and building sandcastles as the sand is nice and smooth. My Dad buried my sister causing much amusement.  

 On one of the days we went to Barstaple where they had lots of nice independent shops, bakeries and TWO pick'n'mix shops. These shops also had tons of US candy, and old fashioned sweets. Needless to say I was excited and went way overboard. Some of the sweets took me way back to my childhood- bubblegum golf balls, chocolate footballs, chocolate ice creams!!
 Whilst we were there a nearby village were having a village fete. It very much reminded me of Hot Fuzz (and I was expecting Adam Buxton to get killed by a falling church tower at any moment) but it was a lot of fun. Everyone was really friendly and there were lots of old fashioned games to have a go on. The kids both won golden horse shoes after winning a game of chucking horse shoes on a peg(?!)  
 When you are a big kid who has to take pictures of anything with their name on...
 These were the amazing views we were surrounded by where we stayed. Everywhere was full of wild heather.
 A chocolate shop in Barstaple had these beautiful hand made chocolates.
 We also spent the day in Ilfracombe and saw Damien Hirst's bronze statue Verity which is huge and stands at the end of the harbour. The other side of her (which was impossible to photograph) has her skin peeled back to the anatomy inside. She is supposed to represent truth and justice and stands on top of a pile of law books. 
Finally a picture of the harbour. 

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