Another year older, another year wiser...

I'm currently playing catch up at the moment with about a million posts sitting in drafts unfinished because the last few weeks I have been feeling very meh. So I am attempting to get as many of them finished and posted now! Dispite my Birthday being nearly a month ago(!) I wanted to do a post as I always usually do (I like to look back on them...)

My Birthday was pretty quiet this year. My Mum made a chocolate cake with a unicorn Pusheen on top. I went out for a meal with my family and then had an early night as I was at work mega early the next day. Rock'n'roll to the core.

I was lucky to get some lovely presents including these very nice shoes

I am currently obsessed with the McVities cappuccino thins so my sister bought me a ton of them! I also got lots of nice pyjamas too.

And of course Funko! As well as these my sister pre ordered the SDCC Gwenpool Rock Candy which has now arrived and is very very cool :) 

So here's to another year...

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