Birthday books.

I was really lucky to get a load of books for my Birthday last month. You can never go wrong with a book!

The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan is about the life of an immigrant girl and her mother who move to England and is written in prose style like her book One which I read earlier this year and loved. I got three short story collections; Children of the New World (which I've heard described as similar to Black Mirror), The Book of Tokyo- a City in Short Fiction (pretty self explanatory) and Record of a Night Too Brief which are four stories written by Japanese writer Hiromi Kawakami that sound quite dark and weird.

Tampa is a book that had quite a lot of buzz  few years ago for it's controversial protagonist: a successful married women who is a sociopath obsessed with fourteen year old boys. The Princess Saves Herself in This One is a collection of poetry I've been wanting to read for a while. Attack of the 50ft. Woman is a look at gender equality and how it could be a great thing for everyone if actually achieved. 

I got three thrillers; Dear Amy, Lying in Wait, and Watch Me which will be perfect for the colder and darker Autumn nights. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking sounded really interesting and is a look at how being an introvert can be a great thing. Finally Tigermilk a novel set in Berlin about a gang of teenagers leaving their childhood behind.

Here's some book cover porn! Some beautiful covers here.

 Last but not least the comic trades I got. I am gradually getting there with my Batgirl collection!

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