Book shelf tour.

A.K.A book hoarders anonymous.

Everyone loves a bookshelf tour right? Well I know I do so here are *most* of my book shelves for you to have a nose through...

I typically don't tend to keep books once I've read them unless they are a 4 star read or higher. This is one of my read shelves featuring some of my favourite authors including George Orwell, Sarah Lotz, Ruth Ware, Gillian Flynn (hiding behind the print) and some of my favourite books including To Kill a Mockingbird, London Fields, The Humans, and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (to name a few). 

This is my second read shelf and includes a few more favourite authors (Miranda July, Cat Clarke, Caitlin Moran, Sue Wallman) and some other great books I've read lately (and reviewed). I also have a few of my favourite poetry books in the middle including Sylvia Plath, Carol Ann Duffy and Rupi Kaur . This is also home to most of my pint size heroes and kawaii cubes!

This shelf is my main comic book trades shelf and mostly consists of my DC collection and smaller Marvel collection. I mainly collect Catwoman but also love Batgirl, Batman and Birds of Prey. When it comes to Marvel my favourite is Hawkeye. As well as that I have some other stuff on the end including Lumberjanes, Jonesy, Bitch Planet and Jem and the Holograms which are all great. 

The shelf below that which I didn't get a good picture of is one of my tbr shelves and mainly consists of YA with few sci-fi bits too. 

This is my other trades shelf and is mainly my Daniel Clowes stuff and series that I love. So we have iZombie, Saga, Rat Queens, Alex and Ada, The Wicked + the Devine, Tank Girl, Buffy etc...! This shelf is also home to most of my Hawkeye/Black Widow Funko stuff.

 Next we move over to one of my tbr shelves. Yes I know. There are too many books that I *need* to get and must own and it gets a bit out of hand! The top shelf is my non fiction tbr. There is quite a selection of stuff there- everything from Maya Angelou to Karl Pilkington. Aziz Ansari to North Korea. Louis Theroux to Patti Smith. I have quite a few books on feminism on this shelf as well as music and memoirs.

The shelf below that is my literary and general fiction tbr. The pile at the front is some of the books I'm collecting to do with cults and is annoyingly blocking most of the shelf. I've got the likes of Zadie Smith, Patrick Ness, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Shirley Jackson, Susan Hill and quite a bit of Japanese fiction here.

This is my thriller tbr shelf. If you read my blog often then you will probably know I am partial to a good thriller so can never resist picking them up. This shelf is two deep so I have plenty to be getting on with here. Some of the authors you can't see include Erin Kelly, Debbie Howells, Lucie Whitehouse, Louise Doughty, Tammy Cohen- all of whom I enjoy so have been picking up their back catalogue to read. 

Below that are books I have been sent for review or books I'm currently reading. The boxes contain a lot of my coffee table books, more poetry and my collection of Doctor Who novels amongst other stuff. 

This shelf here is random pop culture related non fiction (I love books about films- particular Tarantino and music)  Also on this shelf are some of the graphic novels I've read and some of my DK book collection. 

This final picture is from my Psychology book shelf. It mainly contains my uni textbooks and work but also has other books I've picked up and you can't see most of them because I didn't move the print d'oh! If you are interested in clinical psychology I highly recommend anything by Kay Redfield Jamison and if you are a psych student you need to get the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology because it is invaluable. 

So that's a look at my bookshelves. Hope you enjoyed!

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