Some of my ever growing plant family. I am really into plants at the moment since I have learnt the art of not killing them! At the moment I'm sticking to the easy stuff i.e succulents but I've managed to find some really cool ones. 

A couple of weeks ago I helped my sister with some decorating and whilst in B&Q got some Pantone samples just because *shrugs* I am sure there is something crafty I could do with them. I also got a sample of a wallpaper they had which was of old romance comics and I'm going to make some framed prints with it. 

I recently started a new semester at uni so have been trying to get back into the routine of studying after a long Summer off. I am full time now so I am hoping I've made the right decision. Also I found this cute squishy ghost in Poundland which makes a perfect stressball! Not that I'm getting stressed or anything *squeezes ghost*

My 7 year old sister brought back a load of papers she'd printed off and said she had been pressing auto-correct to make a story. This was one of the pages which I found hilarious. 

New pyjamas! It's Autumn my favourite time of year. Cosy-ness,  blankets, books, big mugs of coffee, film nights. Perfect.

 Speaking of which here was one of my rock'n'roll evenings. Comics, coffee, cookies. The three C's. Pro tip: warm cookies up in the microwave so they taste freshly baked.

My first Halloween purchase. I am sad and got them for the cute packaging. 

This months subscriber cover for Empire was very cool. So many exciting films coming up too.

Finally a cliched Autumn picture of fallen leaves. Following on from this post I took the bus to a nearby town on my own to try and kick my current bout of anxiety in the butt. I had a walk around the charity shops, got a couple of books, bumped into someone I used to work with and came back. Now I need to keep up the momentum.

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