Comics: Back issue pick ups.

The past few months I've been a *little* obsessed with adding to my comic book collection. Most of these back issues have been bought very cheaply on comic book selling groups on Facebook and a few from Ebay. 
Above is a mystery box I purchased from someone from a comic selling group that was closing down his comic shop and getting rid of stock. He was offering boxes of comics including variants and silver/bronze age tailored to a particular character. I chose a combination of Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Batgirl. 

 The stars of the lot were the silver age Wonder Woman (which is from 1942!!), the bronze age Batman Family, and WW and the signed Catwoman/Wildcat. I also got a lot of New 52 variants and random issues that have filled in some gaps so I was pretty happy!
I got this Marvel 25th Anniversary Classic X-Men for 75p! I got it just for the fact it was a cool Storm cover and is bordered by Marvel heroes.

One of my favourite comic book artists is Michael Allred, and thanks to Ebay and a seller on a comic group I have added tons of stuff to my Allred collection including It girl and the Atomics, but mainly his marvel X-Force and X-Static. I've nearly filled in all the gaps of all the runs so I can't wait to get reading.
I also picked up some nice Marvel variants at a £1 each on Ebay. These are ones I missed when they came out but have been wanting to add to my collection. The action figure variants are really cool covers, I especially love the Hellcat one.

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