Some of my favourite indie brands.

Punky Pins
Affordably priced pins, patches and stickers featuring pop culture references and collaborations with artists such as Gemma Flack. They have a really cool Stranger Things range, as well as lots of body positivity and feminism themed stuff. The above is a selection of stuff I got in a mystery pack as well as a few things I chose myself. 
[Punky Pins website]

Life Club
I've bought a couple of things from Life Club now and love their designs. They do beautiful often black and white patches and pins that are often dripping with dark humour and sardonic messages.
[Life Club Etsy]

Naomi Hope Designs
Colourful, fun and quirky jewellery, pins and patches. A lot of her designs are full of humour and reference TV shows (particularly British comedy), and famous people. This is where I got my amazing Louis Theroux patch! 
[Naomi Hope Designs Etsy]

Glitter Punk
Glitter Punk are very similar to Punky Pins except they do cute and cheap pin badges too!
[Glitter Punk website

Sugar and Sloth
Sugar and Sloth do all sorts of cute, colourful and happy things including funny greetings cards, mugs, jewellery, pins and cool badges. A great place to get quirky Christmas presents too.
[Sugar and Sloth website]

Fable & Black
If you are a book lover you will love Fable & Black. They sell bookmarks, prints, mugs, stationery, pins, stickers and more all with a literary theme. I love their stuff and have a little collection of their prints now. Definitely a great place to go for Christmas shopping if you have someone bookish to buy for!

Finally a webstore I've been buying from for years is Qwertee. A UK tee shirt site (very much like Teefury) they sell 3 daily tees in designs that are available for 24 hours only. As well as that they have a store with permanent tee designs and posters. I've got tons of their tees and they are great quality and last well. The designs are always geeky themed and you can vote on which designs should get picked next. Above is one of my most recent purchases.
[Qwertee website]

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