Christmas 2017.

Hope you had a nice Christmas if you celebrate. Every year I do a Christmas present post so here is this years!

This year I got some really nice Wonder Woman pyjamas, and quite a lot of Pusheen things. My Nan got me a really cosy scarf from New Look and some super soft M&S gloves, which you can't really see in the pictures but am really grateful for as I needed both.

 Possibly the start of a new collection?!
This is a little book of quotes and drawings of Louis Theroux!
 My sister got me some very cool Catwoman back issues to add to my collection. They were wrapped in amazing paper that featured my faves Raymond Holt from Brooklyn 99 and Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec (see my Instagram for a picture!)
 Of course I got some pops! DC Bombshells style Catwoman, Major and a Geisha from Ghost in the Shell and Ron Swanson.
Finally some books. Her Body & Other Parties was actually a pre-order that I'm really excited to read, and look how beautiful the cover to Sour Heart is!

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