2017 reading round up & 2018 reading goals.

Reading goals for 2018...

1. Read more comics. I have a huge backlog of comics I need to read from 2017!
2. Focus on quality not quantity. I'm going to set a low goodreads reading goal for this year so that I am not preoccupied with reading as much as I can, rather than what I want to read.
3. Read some long books. This leads on to my next goal- read some of the 500 pages+ books on my shelf. Too often to go for the shorter books.
4. Read more non fiction. I barely read any in 2017, and I have a shelf full of tbr non fiction I want to read. Because I read a lot of textbooks for uni I tend to not want to read non fiction for pleasure, but I'm hoping to at least read a few!
5. Don't buy so many books! I have so many books on my tbr shelves at the moment that I really need to start reading the books I have before buying new ones. It's hard when there are some many great books coming out but I really want to make an effort to curb my book buying this year.
6. If I'm not enjoying a book DNF-it. I have wasted far too much time in 2017 forcing myself to finish books I am not enjoying- when I could be spending the time reading a book I love. I am going to be more ruthless this year.

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