2018 goals.

I hate new years resolutions. In fact I hate new year in general. This year however, I am more than happy to put the hell hole of a year that was 2017 behind me. So a new year and a 'new start' is really appealing right now. Here are a list of things I want to work on in 2018. Oh, and happy new year!

1. Get my 5 a day in. Eat better. Because of certain things that happened earlier in 2017 I have put on a lot of weight. I want to get back to eating healthier. My hair and skin have suffered. I have no energy and a lot of my clothes don't fit. Also my smoothie maker is gathering dust! (and I'm typing this with a big box of Lindor beside me....!)
2. Try and save £50 a month. I am terrible with money, only recently starting to have some savings. I want to really try and save some money each month and buy savings bonds with them so that I can't spend them! Before I buy things I want to think about whether I actually need it, too much of my money goes on impulse purchases.
3. Don't buy so many books. Try and follow the read one, buy one rule. I mentioned this in my reading goals list. My shelves are full to bursting with books I am yet to read- I don't need to keep adding to it.
4. Work on my tbr pile(s). Again I mentioned this in my reading goals. I currently have more than five shelves of tbr books, and there are so many I am excited to read so I look forward to working through them this year.
5. Try and get a distinction this academic year. Last year I was very chuffed to get a distinction at uni and am working hard to try and get one again this year. I have had a lot of stuff go on in 2017 but I really don't want it to effect my grades.
6. Carry on trying to be more social. In 2017 I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and joined a dating site. I went on a date and have talked to some nice people so hope to push myself to do the same this year. I also want to go out more with friends this year too.
7. Keep volunteering. In 2017 I started volunteering at a local mental health charity by running my own bipolar support group. I've really enjoyed it and have met some lovely people so want to carry on doing that.
8. Carry on being in control. I have been dealing with my mental health so much better now and have on the whole had my anxiety in check. When I struggled I was pro-active and set goals to help get through it. Despite 2017 not being a great year, I have handled it well and feel more confident in myself- so that's something!

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