90's Nostalgia.

1. Everyone having their favourite Spice Girl. (Mine: Sporty)
2. Coming home from school to watch The Animals of Farthing Wood (very tense viewing!) and The Queens Nose.
3. Getting Panda Pops at the school disco.
4. Getting up early in the school holidays to watch the latest episode of the X-Men animated series, and The New Adventures of Superman.

5. Wishing you was April in TMNT, despite that terrible yellow jumpsuit!
6. Buying a Fun Fax at the school book fair and collecting the add on books.
7. Going to the cinema to see Jurassic Park, Matilda, Jumanji, Men in Black...
8. Basically watching any film that featured Macaulay Culkin.

9. Reading Goosebumps books in bed and getting creeped out.
10. Getting My Little Pony, Care Bears and Polly Pocket for Christmas.
11. Spending pocket money in Woolworths on cassette (and later CD) singles.
12. Choosing from your vast video collection of which Disney Sing Along Songs to watch.

13. Never missing an episode of Keenan and Kel. (Who loves orange soda?)
14. Pick'n'mix at Woolworths for a Saturday treat (the stuff of dreams!)
15. Adidas joggers with the poppers down the leg. (And always being paranoid someone would pop them open!)
16. Watching Gladiators on a Saturday night.

17. Getting style advise and room decor inspiration from Clarissa.
18. Listening to the charts on Sunday or watching Top of the Pops on Friday evening to see who was number 1.
19. Hoping your bag of crisps had the £5 note in!
20. Wishing you were as badass as Buffy/ Scully/ Xena/ Lisa Simpson/ Wednesday Addams/Daria.

21. Spending all of school lunch break having Pog battles in the playground.
22. Choosing your breakfast cereal based on the free toy.
23. Using the Argos catalogue to write your Christmas list.
24. Going to the local shop for penny sweets and getting a bag of Bubbly, golf ball bubblegum, Drumstick lollies, chocolate mice, cola bottles and Refreshers.

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What are your favourite things about the 90's?

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