Small pleasures.

Sometimes it's good to celebrate the little things, so here are some of my small pleasures over the last week or so...

1. Having six days off from work
2. Chocolate chip muffins
3. New comics
4. Planning uni work in my new diary
5. New Brooklyn 99 episodes going on Netflix
6. Finding some great mental health magazines in Tesco
7. A warm bath on a cold night
8. Cuddles with my cat pal Mr. Lola
9. Getting some nice bargains in the Simply Be sale
10. A cute thank you note from my Nan for her Birthday presents
11. Having a film & curry night with my Dad
12. Cherry and strawberry smoothies

 One of my Simply Be bargains
Mental health magazines in Tesco, and Mr. Lola getting a head rub!

My first selfie of 2018, and I desperately need a haircut!

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