New books and stuff.

Some books and stuff I picked up in January...
 The above is a little charity shop haul. I love looking around the charity shops every so often- especially the book section. I managed to get an as new copy of Swing Time by Zadie Smith for 99p!

I also got a nice little haul from The Works. They were having a sale  and I got thriller Her Darkest Nightmare for £1. This has been on my wishlist for a while. I also got 3 books for £5, they had a load of new books added to this deal. Finally I got some stationery from Wilkinsons. I needed a folder for uni and couldn't resist the cactus notebook.

 I also got Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams for £2 on Amazon. This is a collection of short sci-fi stories- I'd picked up the Blade Runner book from The Works. It's one of my favourite films so I'm looking forward to reading the story it's based on. 

The Method is a dark thriller about a pregnant sixteen year old who gets kidnapped, but is very manipulative and turns the tables on her captor. Sweetfreak is a YA that I've heard a lot about on booktube, and is about an anonymous online account that starts making accusations about a girl who decides to investigate who is behind it. 

Lastly, I picked up the Little Book of Mindfulness in Tesco. I have a big interest in mindfulness, and as part of my therapy module at uni recently had to write a paper on it, and have become even more into it!

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