Small pleasures 2.

Sometimes it's good to celebrate the little things, so here are some of my small pleasures over the last couple of weeks or so...

1. The relief of finishing and submitting the worst uni assignment ever!
2. Pancake day
3. Having an early Spring clean
4. Catching up with some comic reading
5. Getting some nice earrings in Primark
6. A Sunday lie in and no work
7. Escape the Room games
8. Playing 'prop game' in Call of Duty
9. Having a walk in the forest
10. Attempting yoga on my new purple yoga matt.

Lots of highlighters to get me through uni work!
Comics and coffee
Finding a 1990 My Little Pony Annual!
My earrings from Primark.

This past week hasn't been too great so it's important more than ever to focus on the positives however small. Right now my mental health is taking a dip so I am attempting to try  and stay strong and make a few changes. 
Sending love and support to anyone else struggling right now.

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