Recent comic pulls.

These pictures are pretty old now (I'm so behind!) but thought I'd post it anyway. 

Some series that I regularly buy in single issues are Motor Crush and Bombshells United- and I highly recommend both. I also got a bunch of first issues to try some new series. It ended up being a success for both Regression and Misfit City which I loved and have since bought and read the first volumes to. Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica was a 6 issue crossover series that was a fun read- I think it's out in trade now if you want to give it a read. I bought Doom Patrol purely for that beautiful Babs Tarr variant cover. 

Zodiac Starforce is back! I LOVED the first run so was very excited to see it return. I've had real trouble trying to track down all the issues though- so have ended up just pre-ordering the trade. Also check out those 2 beautiful variants of Bombshells United and A-Force.

Finally, the now infamous Batman #24 where he asks Selina to marry him. I only managed to get the second printing of this, but I love that they made changed to each printing cover. The first print didn't have the speech bubble, and the third print was in black and white.

So that's my not so recent comic pulls!

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