Self care Sunday: sounds.

Today's post is all about self care tips for your ears.

If you want to relax then sometimes silence is good, but here are some other sounds which are great....

1. Here's a dreamy playlist I made. All these songs are soft, dreamy, gentle and beautiful. This playlist is great to have on while you relax in a bath, lay down with your eyes closed, do some yoga to or to meditate with.

2. ASMR. To find out what ASMR is go here. I love listening to ASMR on YouTube through my headphones at night to help me sleep, or in the day if I am feeling particularly anxious. My current favourite ASMR channels are Gentle Whispering, Calming Escape, Velvet Whispers, Ghibi ASMR, Zacksworld ASMR, and Whisper Red.

3. Audiobooks. It's worth subscribing to something like Audible where you can choose an audiobook each month. It can be really soothing to listen to and if you are feeling too tired or stressed to read this is the perfect alternative. I particularly enjoy listening to biographies read by the author.

4. Guided meditations. This can be really useful, especially if you are new to meditating or mindfulness in general. You can buy the audio's on Itunes or listen to them on streaming sites but I recommend YouTube- there are tons on there- go here.

5. On the same theme maybe you want some relaxing sounds but something more subtle. Again YouTube is great for that (here) you can find all sorts of great sounds. Everything from nature, rain, thunderstorms, fireplace, snow, birds, car sounds or even coffee shop background noise.

6. Going back to basics if you want a steady, constant white noise sound put a fan on. Sometimes if I have trouble sleeping or need a nap the fan shuts out other noise and is strangely relaxing! 

7. Go somewhere quiet to enjoy the (relative) silence. Maybe the library, a museum, an empty park, an early morning walk. Even better take a book or magazine.

I hope some of these ideas were useful!

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