Tips for when you have a depressive episode.

I volunteer at a local mental health charity where I run a bipolar support group and in one of our recent sessions we put together a list of tips for when we are in a depressive episode. When you are in that mind frame it is near impossible to think positive so I thought having this list could be pretty helpful to refer to. Here's the ideas we came up with...

Things to try when you are feeling low…

  • ·         Go for a walk, get some fresh air
  • ·         Get some rest, make sure you get some sleep. Have a set sleep routine
  • ·         Push yourself to attend a group
  • ·         Talk to a friend or family member that understands- don’t shut yourself away
  • ·         Have a routine, keep busy
  • ·         Don’t forget to eat. Try and eat a healthy snack, or drink a smoothie
  • ·         Use the internet/TV/ music to take your mind of it for a while. Watch your favourite film
  • ·         Treat yourself to something
  • ·         Try to practice some mindfulness (meditation, a relaxing bath, massage, aromatherapy)
  • ·         Do something creative (some drawing, cooking, colouring, make something)
  • ·         Don’t forget to take your meds (if you are prescribed them)
  • ·         Spend some time with your pet or offer to walk a friend’s dog
  • ·         Remind yourself that it is temporary and will pass
  • ·         Do some yoga/ attend a fitness group
  • ·         Be kind to yourself
  • ·         If you are really struggling talk to a trusted Doctor, group member or friend. If you aren't already ask to be referred to a therapist or counsellor

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