Free Comic Book Day 2018.

I'm super late posting this, this year but here is my Free Comic Book Day 2018 post! (Here's 2017, 2016, and 2015!) This year I went with my sister, niece  (who looked very cool dressed as Batgirl) and brother in law and it happened to be the hottest day ever. 

Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May every year and comic book shops give out specially printed free comics from tons of different comic publishers and some stores have events and celebrations going on.
Usually when we go we make a day of it in our city (Birmingham) and get some nice food and have a nerdy treat 'yo self day. This year we were on the poor side so toned it down a bit! But we did go to a delicious cookie dough place in the Bullring and it was GOOOOD!

These were the free comics I picked up. The main one I wanted was Comic Friends Forever which I got (yay!) I missed out on a few others but did get the Forbidden Planet exclusive Doctor Who comic which had a very cool introduction of the thirteenth Doctor.

I was very chuffed to pick up a signed Motor Crush comic and trade set. Babs Tarr is one of my favourite comic artists, and I love Fletcher and Stewart too so this baby is going in a frame.

I've been enjoying reading these True Believer reprints and have been soaking up anything to do with Thanos after seeing Infinity War (twice, because I'm obsessed!)

I also got a whole bunch of cheap back issues and was happy to find a Frison Wonder Woman variant I'd missed out on. Altogether it was a nice day despite the unbearable heat.

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