Indie Brand: Little Scented Memories.

I recently found Little Scented Memories through Twitter and after seeing some pictures of their stuff and having a browse of their site knew I had to put in an order! Little Scented Memories sell scented wax products, candles and other lovely treats. It is run by Lorraine who makes everything handmade and there are a HUGE selection of scents including well known Lush and perfume scents.

I got a selection of wax pods, a snap bar and a Lush sampler box. The snap bars look so pretty, and I love that a lot of the wax products have cool colour combinations and glitter. It's also worth noting that all the wax is made from 100% natural EcoSystem soy and are vegan.

The wax pods I picked were Karma (which smells exactly like the Lush scent), Snow Fairy, which although isn't exactly like the Lush scent still smells really good, Luscious Violet, and my favourite of the bunch Lolita Sweet- which I picked because it was pink and sparkly. It smells seriously beautiful and is based off a perfume I've not smelt but it smells like sweet cherries.

The Lush sampler box contains 3 mini wax stars in four different Lush scents: Sex Bomb (I believe this is the same scent as Snow Fairy), Jungle Juice, 1000 Kisses and Yummy Yummy. All these smell spot on to me. They are still a generous size and I found using one of these scented my bedroom nicely. 

I found the wax melted fairly quickly and gave off an almost instant scent that lasted well. I'd highly recommend trying out Little Scented Memories- the products are great quality, a good price, arrived super quick and Lorraine is lovely to deal with. There are TONS of different scents to try and I will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Check out Little Scented Memories and use the code 'Senseless' for 15% off! 

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