Self care Sunday: smells.

Today's post is all about self care tips for your nose!

1. Steam of a hot bath. Drop a fancy bath bomb in and enjoy the nice smells whilst the steam is great for your pores- especially if you put on a face mask or do a face scrub.

2. Dehumidifier with a few drops of essential oils. I LOVE my dehumidifier- I got one from Amazon and put a few drops of essential oils in (my favourites are fresh linen from Amazon, Vanilla from The Body Shop or if I am congested Tea Tree oil) and it released a scented steam. It's really relaxing to have in the room and has a nice gentle sound as well.

3. Make some fancy coffee. Nothing smells better than a fresh cup of coffee. You can pick up some great ground coffee cheap at the supermarket for a french press or cafetiere (my favourite is Starbucks home blend) or if I want something quick and easy I'll make a latte in my Tassimo machine.

4. Bake a cake. If you enjoy baking then why not put an afternoon by to make a cake (and then put your feet up after and enjoy a slice of it!) The baking smells are sure to lift your mood a little.

5. Open the windows. Something simple, but opening the windows and letting in some fresh air really does make a difference. Especially now we are in May- you can't beat the smell of the fresh Spring air.

6. Have a Spring clean. If you are feeling low then you tend to put off chores. Have a little Spring clean and it might make you feel a little better- and it's something to tick off the to do list. Even if you just have a hoover, or spray some anti-bac in the kitchen. It will make your home feel a bit more comfortable and will smell nice and fresh.

7. Same goes for personal hygiene. When your mental health takes a knock normal stuff goes out the window but push yourself to have a quick refreshing shower, and give your hair a wash. Use your favourite smelling body wash. You will feel so much better for it.

I hope some of these ideas were useful!

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