Veronica Dearly stationery club May.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Veronica Dearly have a monthly stationery club (costs £10) that sends you a box every month full of cool stuff including some exclusive cards, a exclusive print, a sticker and other paper goods and fun things. Each month has a theme, and I think May has been my favourite so far: plants! As a proud plant parent I was very happy with everything that arrived...

 The cards are always a useful addition and I love that they cover all sorts of occasions.  The print is already on my wall, and I loved that the info sheet for this month had a print on the back (which is also on my wall!)

This month we got a necklace, which is a lovely four leaf clover

and a tiny magnet which is very cute!

That's the May box, I highly recommend this subscription- it's always a fun suprise.

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