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Hi and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Yesterday, by Felicia Yap! Today I bring you an extract from the book, so read on to get a taste of this futuristic thriller...
A village near Cambridge two years before the murder
Let me tell you a couple of horrible secrets. I’ll start by showing you a photograph. 

This is me, a long time ago. I had a flat chest and protruding ears. If you look closely, you can see that I once had hope in my eyes and fire in my soul. Today, both the hope and the fire are gone. Wiped out by years of institutionalisation. 

Here’s a second photograph. Oh, I see you flinching. That’s understandable. It is, after all, a photograph of you. Your own mug shot, taken recently. You don’t look too bad here. Blonde hair cascading down your shoulders, impressive tits. Guess what? I’m going to transform myself so I’ll look exactly like you. I’m going to bleach my hair and get boobs like yours. 

Is that a frown I see on your forehead? You don’t get it, do you? You’re wondering: why would I want to look like you?

Let me explain. I remember everything. Really, I do. I’m the only person in this world who remembers her past. All of it. Mostly in vivid detail. I’m not kidding. And that makes me pretty damned special. 

You don’t believe me, do you? 

That’s understandable, too. Like the five billion Monos around us, you only remember what happened yesterday. You wake up each morning with facts in your head. Carefully curated information about yourself and other people. You stagger from your bed to the iDiary on your gleaming kitchen counter. To that electronic device of yours, your meagre lifeline to the past. Desperate to learn the few pitiful details you wrote down the night before. Eager to add them to your memories of what happened yesterday – and to the other cold, sterile facts you’ve learnt about yourself. 

Pretty rubbish, isn’t it? 

And you’re even used to this, aren’t you? Because you’ve been doing it since the age of eighteen, after your hapless little brain switched itself off. No wonder you’re envious of the Duos, whose shortterm memories are slightly better than yours. But you are all the same. 

Equally pathetic. 

Let me add a simple truth, since you’re getting to know the real me. 

When you remember everything, you recall what other people have done to you (even if they don’t). Down to the smallest, most gruesome detail. Which causes you to desire vengeance if they’ve hurt you badly. Like really, really badly. Like, say, if they caused you to end up in a mental asylum for seventeen years. It makes you yearn, during the darkest hours of the night when the moon’s smile has faded and the owls have fallen silent, to set matters straight. 

When you remember everything, you will also get away with everything. Like revenge, for instance. 

Fucking convenient, isn’t it? 

This is precisely why I, Sophia Alyssa Ayling, will get away with it. 

Vengeance would be nice. Especially in view of what you’ve done to me. All the terrible little things you’ve been guilty of, over the years. I recall each and every one of them. It’s the sum total of remembered grievances that makes hatred potent. Oh, yes. The act of revenge will be easy. 

Because no one will remember what I’m going to do to you. 

Except for me.

Yesterday is out now in paperback (available here)

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[Huge thanks to Jenni at Headline for sending me a copy of the book ]

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