Lately. August 2018.

At the beginning of August we went on a family holiday to south west Wales. It was really lovely although it was during the heatwave.  We went on lots of beach walks, Spent some time in the arcades, had the most delicious cafe latte ice cream in Tenby, spotted lots of crabs and fish and I also tried a battered mars bar which was surprisingly good!

  We visited Carmarthen castle whilst in Wales too. 

Also at the beginning of August it was my Birthday, and I always take a Birthday selfie! 

 We visited Selly Manor which is a Tudor house in Birmingham that is well worth a visit.

 Some of my Birthday treats!

 These last few weeks have been a bit up and down but having Poppy around for hugs always helps. She is such a cutie.
Here are some of my latest figures- Alana and Lying Cat from one of my favourite comics: Saga.

And that's pretty much my August. Hope you have had a good month.

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