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So I had a bit of a blog situation where I lost a load of scheduled posts and as my memory is so shockingly bad trying to redo each one was headache inducing. So I thought I would do a good old fashioned blog tag! I found this on google and it is all about films. Don't ask what has gone on with the numbering (or why there isn't actually 50 questions) T'is a mystery! 

  1. How often do you watch a movie?  Usually around once a week
  2. What movie genre are you particularly fond of? I enjoy a good mix but I suppose I especially like dramas, dark comedies, horror and superhero films. Also 90s thrillers will always have a special place in my heart!
  3. What was the last movie that you’ve watched and liked?  I watched Tully at the Weekend and really loved it, but I was expecting to as Young Adult in one of my favourite films and I love Charlize Theron.
  4. What was the last movie that you’ve watched and hated?  I have watched so many terrible horror films on Netflix that I could list about 20 but the last one I watched was Selfie From Hell and it made no sense and was just shit basically! 
  5. What is your most favorite movie of all time?  Ghost World
  6. Your most favorite guilty pleasure movie?  I don't like the term guilty pleasure because I don't think you should feel guilty of enjoying anything (unless it's illegal obvs) but Jurassic Park is on my favourites list so that I guess...?! 
  7. What movie/movies have you watched a million times already?  All the films on my favourites list [here]
  8. Are you the type who watches a movie on its first day of showing?  No, I tend to go to the cinema when it's quieter in the afternoon because of anxiety.
  9. Movie house, Blu-ray, or download?  I love going the cinema, it's one of my favourite things, but I mostly stream or watch on disc.
  10. How often do you go to a movie house to watch a movie?  I did used to go once a week but thanks to anxiety and not always having someone to go with that has fallen by the wayside lately...

  1. What are the movies that made you cry?  So. Many. But off the top of my head The Imitation Game and Remains of the Day made me blub like a baby and I don't even want to talk about Requiem for a Dream.
  2. Do you watch foreign films?  Yes sometimes... I like Asian cinema and Wintry Scandinavian films.
  3. What are your favorite foreign films? I love the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and Let the Right One In, also Park Chan Wook films and like everyone else I love Amelie. 
  4. Who are your favorite directors?  Tarantino, Park Chan Wook, Taika Waititi, Yorgos Lanthimos, Frances Ha, Jason Reitman, Paul Feig, Wes Anderson, Alex Garland...
  5. Are you particular with movie scores, soundtracks, and musics?  Yes, they can make or break a film for me. I especially love any film that has a synthy score.
  6. What movie soundtrack can be found in your iPod?  One of my favourite soundtracks is the score to Jane Eyre, but as I mentioned I love dark synthy soundtracks so some others I love are It Follows, Blade Runner, Nightcrawler, The Guest, Drive... When it comes to more classical I love the score to Donnie Darko, Kill Your Darlings, Horns and Amelie, for creepiness The Wicker Man, and for pure 90s brilliance I love the soundtracks to Stigmata and Romeo + Juliet. Oh and also the soundtrack to Stoker is perfection.
  7. Have you ever watched a movie alone in a movie house? No, again anxiety but it's something I wish I could comfortably do.
  8. Is there any movie that has changed your perspective in life?  Many of my favourite films have made me feel less alone, or helped me when I am in bad places but I'm not sure about changing my perspective on life.
  9. Your favorite comic book movie?  Batman Returns no contest. That film is perfect in every way because CATWOMAN! honorable mention though to the first Avengers film because I have watched it so many times and I still feel that surge of excitement.
  10. DC or Marvel movies?  Overall it has to Marvel because they are consistently great and have built an amazing film universe where as DC are too hit and miss. That being said Wonder Woman was brilliant and I can't wait for the sequel. 
  11. What are the movies in the top 10 in IMDb that you have watched?  The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Inception.
  12. Do you read movie critic reviews before watching a film?  Sometimes. I used to be subscribed to Empire for years and would enjoy reading the reviews, I tend to look up films on Rotten Tomatoes and Letterboxd a lot. 
  13. What is the best movie adapted from a book?  Ghost World, Jane Eyre, Cloud Atlas... all amazing book adaptions.
  14. Do you watch the movie before reading the book or vice versa? I prefer to read the book first, then I can be one of those annoying people shaking my head and mumbling about how they've changed it and how the book is better etc...
Hi, it's Jeff

  1. What is your most favorite comedy movie? I can't pick out of What We Do In the Shadows, Bridesmaids, This is Spinal Tap and Drop Dead Fred.
  2. Drama movie?  You've probably guessed: Jane Eyre! Also The Lobster.
  3. Western movie?  Despite sitting through many as a kid thanks to my Dad the only western's I've enjoyed are Blazing Saddles and Django Unchained.
  4. Romantic comedy film?  Not my genre at all but I guess Bridesmaids kind of counts?
  5. Horror film?  Does Beetlejuice count as horror? Also The Silence of the Lambs, It Follows, Stigmata, May, The Descent, Get Out, The Shining, Frankenstein.
  6. Sports movies?  Haha, no.
  7. Sci-fi?  Blade Runner (also Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex-Machina, The Fifth Element)
  8. Action movies? Superheroes aside Atomic Blonde, Spy, Kill Bill, Die Hard, Leon.
  9. War movies?  Not really much of a fan of war films... does Atonement count?
  10. Who is your most favorite movie couple? I like unconventional romances (Secretary, The Lobster, Lars and the Real Girl) doomed romance (Batman Returns, Shopgirl, The Fly) but I think A Date For Mad Mary is perhaps the most honest and lovely romance I have seen.
  11. Any movie character you can relate to?  Enid Coleslaw, Mavis Gary, Wednesday Addams, Lady Bird and any other snarky, depressive woman!
  12. If you are to only watch five movies for the rest of your life, what would the movies be?Mad Max Fury Road, Pulp Fiction, Batman Returns, Jurassic Park, The Avengers
  13. Your least favorite movie of all time?  100% has to Martyrs which is the darkest most fucking horrible film I have ever seen and it still haunts me years later.
  14. Have you ever watched a movie based on the lead actor/actress only? If a film has Charlize Theron, Kristin Wiig, Cate Blanchett, Melissa Macarthy, Noomi Rapace or Tessa Thompson in then I am there.
  15. What movie you expected and wanted to be good but failed you?  I couldn't get on with Blade Runner 2049 (which I know I am in the minority about) also Justice League was a big disappointment for me.
  16. Favorite movie character of all time? Ah, if I honestly had to pick just one I would be inclined to say Dr. Ian Malcolm. LIFE FINDS A WAY.
  17. Favorite movie villain? Beetlejuice, O-Ren, Hela.
  18. Any movie sequel that you’re still waiting to see? If you mean one that has never been made then I would say make a damn sequel to Spy and give Furiousa her own film.
  19. Ever made a movie review?  Yes, I used to on this blog.
  20. Star Wars or Star Trek?  OK, I've never watched a Star Wars film. That is my confession, forgive me for I have sinned. 
  21. Right now, think of any movie, what comes first?  Such a shit question c'mon
  22. Favorite movie lines?  "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!!!!"
  23. TV series, books, computer games, or movies in order of interest?  I don't know... this is a boring question...NEXT.
  24. Lastly, if your life story is to be made into a movie, who would you like to portray you? Who should be directing it and what would be the title? I would love for Jeff Goldblum to portray me and for it to also be directed by him and for it to be a one man show called simply: Jurassic Park. Basically what I am saying is I want Jeff to remake JP and play every part. The End. 

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