Self care Sunday: sights.

Today's post is all about self care tips for your eyes!

1. Spend some time appreciating nature- a park, woods, forest, the beach anywhere you can get to. If like me you live in a built up area go to a local park for a walk. Enjoy looking at something other than concrete!

2. If you need a quick de-stress look at animal pictures on google or cute videos on Youtube for 10 minutes. Google something random like dogs wearing hats and see what comes up!

3. make a folder on your phone of helpful quotes, pictures of beaches, flowers whatever is your thing. Mine is a combination of quotes and pastel sunsets.

4. Put some inspiring pictures or postcards up in your work station, or bedroom that make you smile. A good place to go for them is Etsy, Ikea or Paperchase. You could even print some images off yourself or cut out some pictures from magazines.

5. Get some plants for your home. Trust me they will improve your living environment. If you want something that's easy to look after get cactus or succulents. Even better decorate some cool pots to put them in.

6. If you are feeling stressed look out the window for a bit, focus on as far as you can see and take some slow deep breaths.

7. Make a box of things that make you smile/ remind you that you are loved for when you feel down. It could have photographs, letters, postcards, sentimental objects. You could even include a notebook where you write about your favourite memories. 

I hope some of these ideas were useful!

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