Self care Sunday: tastes.

Today's post is all about self care tips for your tastebuds!

1. Prepare and make your favourite meal, and savour every last bite!

2. Go to a fancy bakery/ Ice cream parlour/ chocolate shop and treat yourself to something.

3. Get some vitamins in your body- make a colourful fruit salad, or smoothie. You don't have to spend loads on fruit, include some frozen or tinned stuff and whatever fruit is on offer at the supermarket. 

4. Do some baking. Set aside an afternoon. Make some cupcakes or biscuits and spend some time decorating them all fancy, then demolish them!

5. Treat yourself to a Friday night takeaway. Sort out some films to watch, make some popcorn, put your pj's on and enjoy.

6. Try some new foods. Look for some recipes online, go to the world food section of the supermarket or find an Asian food market. Try a fruit you've never had before.

7. Get some sweets from your childhood for a walk down memory lane... Pick 'n' mix, haribo, Kinder eggs, Drumstick lollies. 

I hope you found these ideas useful!

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