Self care Sunday: Inspire and Empower.

Today's self care post is all about empowerment!

1. Make a playlist of badass songs to play (mine is above)
2. Look up interviews of people that inspire you 
3. Read Yes Please by Amy Poehler for an uplifting confidence boost
4. Watch some empowering films (my faves: Wonder Woman, Mad Max: Fury Road, Little Voice, Pride, Tully...)
5. Write down a list of things you are proud of
6. Put together an outfit that makes you feel fearless and powerful when you wear it 
7. Do an online course, or go to classes and learn something new
8. Write a list of things that scare you, and some achievable challenges you could work on completing
9. Find a new creative hobby you enjoy
10. Write a letter to someone who inspires you and explain why they do (it could be someone you know, or someone you don't!)
11. Remind yourself that you are strong, and you can get through it
12. And if you don't feel like you can get through it, reach out to someone- because that is a sign of strength. You can recognise when you need help, and we all need help sometimes- so feel proud. 

I hope you found these ideas useful!

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